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You’ve spent countless hours studying and training to be a medical professional and after all that hard work you finally get your moment to live your dream. You’re exceptional at what you do and patients and co-workers notice. Unfortunately, as time goes on, you may find yourself battling against a complaint that can tarnish your reputation. At VerisLaw, we understand that the complaint may be completely baseless or that there may be more to the story.  Whatever the case may be we want to be there for you to help you through this critical time in your career.

This Is Serious

It is important that you take all complaints seriously (no matter how groundless they may seem). Your professional medical license and reputation could be at risk, don’t wait too long to contact an expert at VerisLaw. Some medical professionals make the mistake of thinking they can handle the complaint on their own, but don’t fall victim to this — trust us, you will need an experienced medical board defense lawyer.

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We can work with you to help with the complaint situation. We can also work with you if your medical professionalism is being challenged by the Texas Medical Board or the Texas Physician Assistant Board. 

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We have years of experience and will not treat you like just another case. We will tailor our approach and solution to fit your specific situation. Protect your professional reputation. Schedule a consultation today!

License complaints can cover a wide range, from small to very serious allegations, including:

Unprofessional Conduct

Inappropriate Relationships

Failure To Comply With Minimum Standards Of Care

Inadequate Health Care

Substance Abuse

Negligence Or Failure To Exercise Due Care

Unethical Behavior

Criminal Convictions

Practicing Outside The Scope Of a License

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